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Double Date Sweet Rosé
Elizabeth Keith

So satified

Love Fissata wines

So sweet and tasty, best wine I've ever had.

The best sweet wine

I have had Fissata and Double Date before and really like it! It’s light, not overpowering, and it makes a great spritzer when added to lemon-line soda.

Fissata Red
Paula Warner
One and Only

This is the only wine that sits well with me and I will continue to drink fissata wine. Only the RED

My All Time Favorite!!

I received my first bottle of Fissata as a Thank You gift from a friend. From that day forward, I have been a loyal customer! I order by the case and frequently pay it forward as gifts. Fissata is definitely my favorite wine

Double Date Wine

Thank you for shipping this wine, we love it!!

Fissata Red
Loretta Towne
My favorite wine but …

Every time I see this wine is in stock I have to buy it. I usually buy in bulk 6 or more bottles. I love it! But I went through complete hell from Fed Ex who kept delivering when I wasn’t home and ultimately had me pick it up from the Fed Ex store 6 days after I was supposed to receive it. Unfortunately because of that experience I will not be ordering anymore wine from you.
It is not worth all the stress for 2 bottles of wine.

Double Date Sweet Rosé
Patricia DelaMotte
Love it!

Not a big wine person but “Double Date” has won me over. It’s sweet and goes down smoothly for me! Will, no doubt, be ordering more! Thank you!

Fissata for a bubbly afternoon

This is a very good wine. Enjoyed it with a charcuterie board and a couple of close friends.

Double Date Sweet Rosé
Leslie Baldwin
Fissatta Red

Fast service and great wine what more could a girl want?

Love these sweet wines

The Fissata’s are both delicious. I mixed the blonde with some pineapple juice, it was a nice refreshing treat. The double date is my favorite! Please consider having specials every now and then containing these 3 favorites and I will continue to buy!

Wine Delight

I love the Fissata wines. Also the fast delivery.

Fissata Red
Kristina Youngquist
My favorite

This is my hands down favorite 3 dessert wines!!

Fissata Blonde
Paula Warner
In love

This is the only wine that I can drink without feeling bad afterwards. Love this wine!

Taste of sweetness

I’ve enjoyed the wine. I’m a sweet wine drinker. Thank you for the variety of tastes.

Fissata Red
Yaya S.
Fissata me up!

I just can’t get enough of both flavors of Fissata! Mix it up with Prosecco and juice and you have one flavorful Momosa!🥰

Fissata Blonde
Happy but Sad
Purchasing Fissata

I love the wine. I received an email stating I would get the wine at 35% off which I did not receive the 35% off. I could have cancelled my order but chose not to because I wanted the wine. I would appreciate next time to be more specific. I didn’t read anything that said the Fissata’s weren’t included. Happy but Sad

fissata is the BEST!

Best kind of fizzy wine on the market.
My favorite!

Fissata Red
Yummy Fissata

The Fissata red wine is just bubbly enough with a wonderful sweet taste.

Wine Party

I sampled the wine at a party and ordered two bottles. Delivery was very easy and fast.

Fissata Red
Betsy Derstine

Fissata Red

Fissata Red
Tanya Van Someren
Delicious and fun!

Sweet wines like I’ve never had before! Fissata, Fissata Blonde and Double Date all have their own unique taste with just the right amount of sweetness. I had a lot of fun making cocktails with these wines as well.

Fissata Red
Micki Campbell
So easy to set up

It was so easy to set up a subscription with Fissata. I was able to set up the frequency of shipments and have my delivery sent to a FedEx location instead of ensuring someone of age was available to accept delivery at my home. The status updates are also helpful and let me know where my package is and when I can pick it up.

Double Date Sweet Rosé
Elanyna Clokes

Double Date Sweet Rosé

Sweet Perfection

From first sip to last drop —pure bliss. Paired great with spicy Thai takeout.